Petit Pois

Petit Pois wanted a beautiful looking website across all devices, especially considering more visitors to their site were using phones and tablets. We made sure that the website is fully device compatible allowing for a great user experience for all their customers.


The Problem

Petit Pois wanted a booking system that they could manage themselves without costly monthly fees.

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Quote system
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The Problem The Problem
The Solution The Solution

The Solution

A working booking system isn’t a small task, that’s why most places either charge huge amounts or charge you monthly so you always have to pay. We were able to create a bespoke booking system for one of our clients for a great price. We worked with them to get them exactly what they needed, a variable booking system that worked with different sized tables. Of course 3 people can sit on a 4 person table but 5 people can’t sit on a 2 person table.

Custom Code
No monthly fees
Simple to use
Beautiful website

Some Of The Features Used For This Website

Ongoing care

After creating the website and booking system we’re still in contact to do SEO for petit pois as well as updating when and as they need. We like to make sure our customers are confident that they’re getting the most out of their website and that if they have any problems down the line we’re here for them. As with all websites that we host ongoing care also includes any updates to all hosting systems.

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