NaNet Collaborates with Natasha Cosmetics to Create Successful Ad Campaign

As web developers, NaNet recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Natasha Cosmetics, one of our valued clients, to create a new advert and landing page based on a special deal they were offering. For years, we have been managing Natasha Cosmetics’ online advertising campaigns across Google, driving thousands of clicks per month and helping them to increase their online sales. Our client provided us with a video of someone applying their products, and we set to work on creating a landing page and promotional material that would effectively showcase their products and entice potential customers to make a purchase.

  • Collaboration focused on creating a new ad and landing page
  • NaNet manages client’s online advertising campaigns across Google
  • Successful campaign drives thousands of clicks and increases sales

Designing a Successful Bundle Banner and Video Ads

Our first step was to design a banner that clearly and concisely highlighted what customers would get in the bundle, the bundle’s price, and the bonus of a free lip gloss. We then filled in the relevant information for each product, highlighting their key selling points and features, which later proved to be useful when selecting appropriate keywords for the video ads.

In addition to the landing page, we created a static image that was used in the newsletter campaign and on Google Business. The artwork was customized to the appropriate sizes for each platform to ensure that the image was displayed correctly without any awkward cropping or distortion.

When it came time to create the video ads, we faced the decision of what information to include in the video. We ultimately decided to produce two versions of the video: one that displayed the deal and urged viewers to make a purchase immediately, and another that simply enticed viewers to visit the landing page where they could finalize their purchase. By testing both videos, we could determine which approach worked better and tailor our strategy accordingly.

The video was also placed on shorts, a relatively new platform on YouTube for short videos, which allowed us to also get free views as people browsed similar videos.

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NaNet Optimizes Promotion with Sales System Modification

The offer our client was promoting was also quite unique, and our programmers had to manually alter the back end of the sales system to ensure that the correct stock was reduced when a bundle was created, and that the price was accurate when the correct items were added, including the free samples and free product.

We set up the ad campaign through Google Ads and monitored the results closely, making any necessary adjustments along the way. We are pleased with the outcome of the campaign and will continue to use the video to promote Natasha Cosmetics wherever they wish to advertise online.

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