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We are experienced in building e-commerce websites with openCart, customised to meet specific needs and packed with features to boost sales.

NaNet Websites

Powering e-Commerce success

We have a great deal of experience working with e-commerce websites, using openCart to help create functional, fast websites with a great number of features to help our customers make more sales. We’ve created websites big and small, specifically created and adapted for their specific needs.

Shopping cart

Mobile optimized

A mobile-optimised e-commerce site is crucial for success, as it provides a seamless shopping experience for customers on any device, increasing sales and satisfaction.

Page design

Product linking

E-commerce’s product linking feature cross-sells and upsells related products and accessories to increase average order value and drive more sales.

Pie graph

Custom APIs

E-commerce’s custom APIs integrate your site with other systems and platforms, streamlining operations and providing a better experience for customers.


Ebay integration

Integrating your e-commerce site with eBay taps into a massive customer base and provides a convenient way for customers to shop on a trusted platform, increasing sales and growth.

Exploring E-commerce’s Benefits

Having an e-commerce website allows for 24/7 sales, expanded customer reach and data collection to keep up with trends. It’s a cost-effective way to grow your business, boost sales, and increase profits.

  • 24/7 sales with e-commerce
  • Convenient shopping for customers
  • Global sales if desired

  • Improved customer reach and experience
  • Valuable data for trend analysis

Shipping and Payments

Choosing us means you can effortlessly provide your customers with the Shipping and Payment methods of your choice from a long list of options, ensuring you’re in control of how you accept money.

Shipping Methods

Payment Gateways

Effective & customizable

Your website will have a dashboard with easy access to important information about your website, like page views, customers, and sales.

Efficiently manage and operate multiple independent online stores with distinct branding and target markets from a single backend, streamlining administration and maximizing scalability.

Create and update Discounts, Coupons, and Specials on your website. With end dates you’re able to control your special offers how you see best.

Our e-commerce websites can manage a range of currencies from across the globe. Simply find a payment method that accepts it from our list.

Find out how your sales are doing with reports to suit you.

One-page checkout simplifies and streamlines the entire checkout process for customers, reducing friction, improving conversion rates, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Sell your products on Amazon and eBay with product integration, keep one stock list updated and all are automatically kept correct.

All in one powerful framework

The advanced page builder we use gives us a huge amount of freedom, and any limits that has we can correct using CSS
All of our menus are good looking, work well, and help guide visitors to the correct page which are all necessary for almost any website

View important information about your website on your dashboard, including Current Users, Sales, and Customers.

We create highly customisable Banners and Sliders which help make sites look great and help guide visitors to the right pages.

Your website can have any font you desire to help make it stand out and give it personality.

We can set up any special modules you may need on your site and if you’re not sure whether you need a module we’ll be able to help.

Product filters help categorise your products making it easier to manage their sales.

Our other features

Local Store Integration

Local Store Integration

We can synchronize your website and physical store’s inventory levels in real-time, ensuring consistency and streamlining your operations.


If you’ve got a great Dropshipping idea, contact us to make your website! We can set your website up to look great and work perfectly with your products.

Amazon Integration

We assist with creating and linking Amazon businesses to websites. We ensure seamless inventory management between the two platforms, allowing for hassle-free sales on either.

eBay Integration

If you have an eBay business and want to start your own website, we can help, and vice versa. If you’ve already got both we can help you link them up so your sales can go through either without having to worry about inventory.


Facebook Shop

We can link up your website to your Facebook Shop. Having a Facebook Shop is a great way to sell your products online. It lets your Facebook followers view your products with ease.

Google Merchant

We can help put your stock on google merchant which is a great way to get your products seen online!

Why Choose E-commerce?

Our E-Commerce Projects

Our past projects have all been custom-designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Reach out to our team today and let us bring your vision to life with a truly remarkable website tailored to your needs!

  • Get your business seen on google
  • Professional and affordable
  • Short time scale projects
  • Fast websites for user satisfaction
  • Increase local sales

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