What are frameworks?

Frameworks are what your website’s base functionality works on. They’re extremely helpful for giving websites sets of functionality however, they have certain limitations in working outside that functionality.

A few common frameworks are WordPress for content management, Opencart for ecommerce, Shopify for ecommerce, Ruby on Rails for web applications, and Unity for games and other interactive work. There are many frameworks that are tailored for a wide variety of functions. Using a framework means much faster development times, especially with access to built in features from the frameworks.

Frameworks like WordPress may have limited functionality for things like ecommerce but to be able to work with the full functionality of an ecommerce website it would help to use a different framework. Continue reading to find out how that can benefit you.

Why use a subdomain to expand your website?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to expand your website by using a subdomain with a different framework. I’ll use our new website as an example. 

Our goal was to have a website to display our web development business separate to our plugin shop but with the same branding and style and while still using the nanet.uk name.

To manage this, we keep our website on the same platform it was before on nanet.uk and then on a subdomain, shop.nanet.uk, we use a different platform, allowing us to sell our plugins.

We were able to make the NaNet shop look like another page on the NaNet website, but really it’s managed completely separately. This allows us to manage our shop differently from our web development site. It also gives us a completely different back end for each function of the website, making the website much easier to manage.

Add a lookalike shop page to your website

This solution can add a shop page to your website that looks just like the rest of your site with all the functionality and control you want from an ecommerce website. This lets customers shop with comfort and ease knowing they’re buying from the right place.

Or any functionality you’d want

With the ability to add any framework you want to a subdomain your website could function as essentially whatever you would like it to. This can include entire web applications, games, or even another CMS.

Improve your sites speed

Hosting your shop separately from your regularly visited website means you can optimise each separately for their purpose. If you’ve been having issues with your WordPress shop’s performance this could be an option for you.

Improve your sites SEO

It allows for clearer site structure, targeted optimization strategies, and improved user experience, ultimately contributing to higher search engine rankings and better visibility for specific functionalities or content sections.

Added Scalability

Using separate frameworks and subdomains can also help to make your website more scalable, accommodating future growth and expansion without significant redesign.

Why is it important to keep consistent across frameworks?

When users are using different parts of your website they’re still expecting to be dealing with you, when your shop or other part of your website looks different enough from your regular website people question its validity which leads to a higher bounce rate.. Having consistency builds brand cohesion and trust, giving a much better user experience and reducing bounce rate.

Maintaining consistency across frameworks not only ensures a seamless visual experience but also improves user engagement by allowing users to explore various sections of your website without encountering jarring differences. This cohesion extends to the entire customer journey from first visiting the site to conversion, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction.

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