NaNet’s Year in Review

We’ve had a fantastic year at NaNet expanding our own and our customers businesses as well as gaining new clients. We’ve added a few of our important accomplishments over the year below.

NaNet launches our new Extension Shop

We wanted to start creating extensions that would help people with common problems with their OpenCart eCommerce business. The extensions are easy to use and install and each solve a certain problem people may be having with their e-commerce site.

After successfully creating our first working extension for OpenCart, Custom Shipping Method. We opened our shop,, for people to buy our extensions and come for support.

by the end of the year we had five different extensions available and more that were almost complete. This is a project we’ll be continuing through 2024 so feel free to follow along and see how many extensions we can manage!

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By creating our own extensions for OpenCart we can ensure that the code is clean and well written, preventing extensions slowing down the website. By doing this we’re hoping to be able to fix most problems on a website and even improve websites by having an easy to use extension for any functionality your website is lacking.

While extensions are available for many problems they’re often slow as they try to encompass unnecessary functionality, this has lead to suggestions of using as few extensions as possible as you don’t want your server doing any unnecessary work and slowing down your site, reducing google ranking and user experience. We, however, can confidently use our extensions in tandem with any of our others without any excess delays.

Natasha Cosmetics

We became a Google Partner

Becoming Google Partner was important for us as we manage a number of advertising campaigns for Google. This Google Partnership means we’ve passed multiple tests for Google Advertising and are currently advertising all of our clients above a very high optimisation threshold.

Fortunately our years of working with Google Ads means keeping ads optimised is something we can do for anyone. We can manage setting up and maintaining your ads, recording conversions through your website, and even creating advertising graphics for you.

Still creating for our customers

While we are spending time on our shop that doesn’t mean we’re leaving our customers behind. One of our customers needed a new booking system as their previous system was simply them managing it themselves.

We created a new fully functioning automated booking system for them which allows customers to book online themselves. This saves them admin time on every booking, increasing overall efficiency.

At NaNet we’re always happy to help improve any website’s functionality. Get in touch with us if there’s any extra functionality you want from your website.

Natasha Cosmetics

More local business

As well as expanding online we’re also helping more local businesses in and around Newhaven, including updating the website for Newhaven Museum. We’re currently awaiting feedback before we can make the site go live but we think we’ve done an amazing job and can’t wait to show it.

We’ve been working with more local businesses and hope that the trend continues, we’ve even got plans this year to be a bit more visible in Newhaven which we look forward to seeing happen.

We welcome any business from Newhaven or the surrounding areas to get in touch for any website help they need.

Advancing our own knowledge

We’ve also spent some time this year in London attending a leading tech forum, where we delved into the latest advancements in AI and Cybersecurity. The insights gained from this experience have helped fortified our knowledge and also influenced our strategic approach to web development.

Looking ahead, we are eager to continue our engagement with the tech community, actively seeking out other relevant forums, conferences, and gatherings. These endeavours are essential in keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, fostering innovation, and ensuring that we deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

The year ahead

With such a brilliant year behind us and the foundations laid for a great new venture with our extension shop we’re looking forward to finding out great new ways to help improve websites with great new extensions.

We’ve also got room to help you with your ecommerce or business website or anything else you need to do online. Just get in touch!

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