Why Hiring a Website Designer is the Best Choice for Your Business Growth

It is entirely possible to create a website by yourself, and it may even be an attractive website that impresses potential clients. But this will take time if it is new to you, yes, it might save money in the short term, but it does take resources and time away from building your business.

Let us be blunt, if you have no knowledge of programming, no experience of marketing, no training in design and legibility, and have no idea what SEO is then you will spend a lot of time learning how to make and manage a website. The best way to increase the time you have for your business is to hire others to do the jobs that are not your speciality

And the self hosting platforms are quite simple to use. But they will not spot the problems that an experienced website designer can avoid.

Google has some harsh penalties for quite simple mistakes, for example, putting in links to your website, and adding reciprocal links, boost your rankings, but excessive reciprocal linking, and poor quality linking downgrades your website on the search pages. You can run Site Audits yourself if you have the time and the know-how and this avoids the problem of being placed on the Google ‘naughty step’. You can find the Google rich status reports console here.

It is a good web designers job to avoid all Google penalties, as part of the help you receive with your SEO and promotion.

An experienced website designer can offer a fully managed solution and take care of the whole package, all your online presence, social media, branding, hosting, security, maintenance, and updates. Giving you the time to concentrate on your business.

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