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While working with OpenCart we often find outselves fixing the same or similar problems. Because of that, we’ve started to create Extensions for OpenCart and have opened a shop to share our Extensions with others.

We’ve created an OpenCart extension, Custom Shipping Method, that we’re giving away for free to anyone who needs it! Our extension helps websites display Shipping information correctly, something OpenCart itself somewhat limits.

What are OpenCart Extensions

OpenCart Extensions are modules that can be added to OpenCart to increase an OpenCart website’s functionality. These extensions can range from doing relatively simple functions on a website, like changing text, to much more impressive functions that could completely change a website. These extensions work as building blocks to create a functioning eCommerce website.

Benefits of using Extensions

Extensions give your website added functionality, often solving an individual or group of problems together. They can be made compatible with a wide range of versions of whichever platform they’re used for, making them a great way to share a solved problem with others.

Extensions are easy to install, a problem that would have required extensive programming could now be solved simply by uploading an extension to a website and clicking install. This means anyone can solve problems on their website themselves if they can install an extension that would fix it.

The ease of installation and variety of functions available have meant anyone can build an amazing website. It’s even possible without any programming knowledge.

Ongoing work

Our OpenCart extension is fully working but we still have work to do. For the extension’s lifetime we’ll be constantly keeping it updated and ensuring compatibility with any new versions of OpenCart.

We’ll also use user feedback to improve the extension, expanding on its functionality and fixing any problems as necessary. 

Future extensions

We have some brilliant plans for extensions in the future and as we create more solutions to problems on OpenCart we’ll continue to create Extensions.

If you’d like a bespoke extension or want your website hosted and maintained by us then get in touch!

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