Local web development

Collaborating with local businesses is a real joy for us. It allows us to connect with the creative minds behind the concepts and sit down together to capture those ideas on paper.

Lately, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with outstanding local businesses. We’re thrilled to showcase these partnerships and explain how we’re making a positive impact.

Newhaven Museum

Newhaven Museum were in the process of giving their website a fresh makeover. They reached out to us for assistance, and we’re currently hard at work improving their website. What’s been especially helpful is that a lot of our discussions have taken place in person. This face-to-face interaction has made planning and designing the new website a breeze. We’ve had the chance to physically show them our progress, and they’ve been able to provide immediate feedback.

Their new website is nearly ready to be unveiled, and it’s looking absolutely fantastic. We’ll be sharing a detailed account of the entire journey very soon.

Chambers Property Maintenance

Chambers Property Maintenance was in need of a website to showcase their work and list their services, as another local company we were able to visit and speak in person which made the whole website build much easier. We’ve now made a lovely website which you can view here.

Their goal was to have a website where they could showcase their work, allowing potential clients to see their portfolio and easily get in touch.

We’ve successfully completed their new website, and now they’re in the driver’s seat. While we’re always here to assist if they need anything, they’re now managing their website and its content independently.

Hillcrest Boxing

At NaNet Websites LTD, we’re also committed to giving back to our community. Hillcrest Boxing, our local boxing gym, plays a vital role in instilling discipline and promoting fitness among children. They required a new website, and we were more than happy to provide one at no cost. In fact, we even handle updates to their website without charging them. We recognise the valuable contributions Hillcrest Boxing makes to our community, and we’re honoured to support their mission.

If you’re in the Newhaven area, we invite you to get in touch with us. We’d be thrilled to arrange a visit to your business, sit down, and have a conversation about how we can meet your website needs.

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