Why compare the two?

ChatGPT’s use has been skyrocketing recently with companies and individuals utilising it to their own benefits, finding it a tool that can answer questions, do research for you, or even create content for any project you may have. ChatGPT has a huge dataset from a range of sources and when asked to do something it tries to give a human response using all the knowledge at its disposal. This is just a simple comparison of the two.

What is Chat GPT?

In simple terms Chat GPT is a chatbot which when asked questions or given prompts will best try to answer given information using a vast well of information. Unfortunately though, that information is largely gathered from books, websites, and other texts. One key element to note about ChatGPT and other chat tools like this is that they have no way of validating information that they use. Instead, arguments weights are based on how frequently they’re repeated online.

To find out more about how Chat GPT validates data I decided to ask it and after some denying it did admit that “It’s essential to understand that the model is a tool that reflects the patterns it learned during training, and it may inadvertently generate responses that align with biases or inaccuracies present in the data.”

That isn’t to say that Chat GPT isn’t to be trusted, just that it needs to be used carefully and that time should be spent reading and checking any outputs it gives.

Limitations of Chat GPT

ChatGPT Has some major limitations. One being that it can’t actually think for itself, it’s simply collecting data from whichever sources the company behind it can use without getting in trouble or costing too much. While ChatGPT can collaborate information from millions of sources it has no actual way of telling what’s true other than simply what’s said most often in the data it has access to.

There have also been times when chatGPT for one reason or another has simply stopped working as it should, which can be dangerous. Even if ChatGPT had a constant stream of objectively correct and up to date data it may not always give the correct results. In the past when the software has stopped working properly it hasn’t necessarily been shut down, leading to results coming back with nonsense answers that may even look correct to people in the field but essentially be nonsense.

Then there are problems with it simply not giving back the content you’ve asked for, it giving back the wrong answer, it half answering questions or even contradicting itself in the same sentence.

Hand written content

Hand written content, on the other hand, can help convey a more personal meaning to your text and more easily adapt to the tone necessary. They’re able to use relevant and up to date information and are able to ensure nothing controversial is accidentally mentioned.

While copy writers might have off days in the same way ChatGPT does. Copy writers are fortunately able to realise when they’re not well enough to work and rather than giving a nonsense reply may just take some time to recover.

With a copy writer you also have someone you can talk to and help improve their tone more to your liking. While this is possible with chatGPT it can be very difficult for it to achieve the end results that you want.


Handwritten Content: Handwritten content, with its ink-on-paper charm, stands as a timeless form of expression. It carries the unique imprint of the author’s personality, offering an intimate connection between the writer and the reader. The strokes and curves of each letter represent a deliberate and thoughtful process, adding a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship to the message. Handwriting evokes a nostalgic sentiment, harking back to a pre-digital era, and its tangible nature often lends an emotional weight to the words.

  • Embodies a personal touch, showcasing individuality and craftsmanship.
  • Fosters an intimate connection between the writer and the reader.
  • Evokes nostalgia, carrying a sense of authenticity.

ChatGPT: In contrast, ChatGPT harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate text swiftly and adapt to various communication contexts. This digital counterpart excels in efficiency, providing instant responses and scalability. It draws on vast repositories of information to offer relevant and up-to-date content. However, the convenience and speed come at the cost of the personal touch found in handwritten content, as it lacks the nuanced strokes and individuality inherent in manual writing.

  • Saves time
  • Is quick and easy to use
  • Can sometimes be awkward to get a sensible reply from
  • Frequently gives incorrect replies or inappropriate text
  • Embarrassing when mistake caught as shows you’re using GPT

What GPT says

I decided to also ask Chat GPT what it thought given just the topic title.

“The comparison between handwritten content and ChatGPT revolves around the intersection of traditional and technological approaches to communication. Handwritten content carries a unique charm, reflecting the personal touch and individuality of the author. It preserves a sense of craftsmanship and nostalgia in a digital age. On the other hand, ChatGPT, powered by advanced language models, offers efficiency and scalability. It enables rapid generation of text, facilitates instant communication, and adapts to diverse contexts. While handwritten content embodies a human touch, ChatGPT represents the frontier of artificial intelligence, showcasing the evolving relationship between technology and expression. The choice between them may depend on the desired tone, context, and the balance between the organic nuances of handwriting and the computational capabilities of AI-driven text generation.”

I think it’s important to sometimes realise that when finding solutions like ChatGPT it might work better for larger companies that simply don’t have the time to work with hand written content. GPT Does offer a level of scalability that would be otherwise impossible with individual authors and it will be interesting to see how companies start to implement its use.


Chat GPT is a powerful tool but for now it should probably remain just that, a tool used to assist in writing but not actually write itself. At NaNet we avoid using Chat GPT unless requested by our clients. We believe that hand written content provides a much higher quality finish and prevents some easy to miss mistakes that could lead to much bigger misunderstandings. When it comes to content on your website accuracy is key to keeping your customers trust. Contact us if you’d like us to write any content for you or if you’d like us to manage your SEO, it includes weekly hand written posts on your Google Business profile and other social media platforms of your choice, as well as ensuring your site remains visible on search engines.

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