With so many businesses competing for customers online it’s important that your online presence aligns with your brand, and if you’re trying to look professional it’s important not to skip these suggestions.

Domain email addresses

Relying on a gmail or other free email address can work for very personal businesses, it functions as a way for you to receive and reply to emails from customers. But a simple upgrade (That we can set up for you) can help show customers you’re a legitimate business. It’s an important thing to get right too as customers see it when considering whether or not to contact your business.

Consistent branding

Keeping branding consistent is important for businesses, it lets customers know they’re still dealing with the same company that they were excited about before. If they’ve been reading a great post on Facebook about your company then click a link to a different looking company they’ll probably just close the page. Once a customer has become interested in your company, ensure they know they’re still dealing with you.

This can be particularly important if your website uses subdomains for additional functionality. Keeping branding consistent between domains and subdomains is important as it lets users know they’re still dealing with the same company. You can even see this when you check out our subdomain,, a site where we sell some of our extensions.

Clear contact information

Keeping contact information clear lets customers know they can reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns. Providing easy access to your phone number, email address, and physical address boosts credibility and reassures customers that you are accessible and responsive, even if they don’t reach out directly.

A secure website

Having a website alone is a great way for a business to show they’re a professional business, but ensuring it’s a secure website is an important step that some forget or let lapse. Keeping the website secure and ensuring it displays the HTTPS Padlock icon lets visitors know that your website is secure and their data is safe.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Having genuine customer reviews and testimonials is a great way to help build trust and credibility. Highlighting positive reviews on your website lets potential customers see how well you’ve helped previous customers and what they can expect from your products or services. It also shows that you’re transparent about your business and confident about your services.


When competing for business online it can help to make your business look professional and reputable. There are many ways to do it, some as simple as keeping secure and some, like keeping brand cohesion, is something you’ll need to keep in mind on every post, picture, and design made for your business.

If you’re thinking of going online but aren’t sure where to start give us a call. We can discuss all your needs and create a website for you that you’re sure to love. Whether you already have a domain name or are starting from scratch we’ll be able to get you online with a beautiful website showcasing your unique business. Just get in touch today.

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