Roundabout banners?

We recently decided to advertise on banners on our local roundabout. That might even be how you got here, you saw the banners and wanted to find out who we are. For a quick back story, we’re a team of web developers based in Newhaven. Most of our team met each other in Brighton and two members went to Sussex university together. But back to the banner.

We decided to use the Newhaven roundabout because it’s very close to our office and we know a lot of people pass it. We’re currently working with a few Newhaven companies, including Newhaven Museum, but wanted to find more local businesses in need of website help. From Newhaven and from further afield, we know this roundabout is also used in a journey for lots along the south coast.

Key things to think of

To make sure we weren’t wasting our money we had to ensure people seeing the sign would know key details about our company. What we do, how to find out more, and how to contact us.

Readability – We need to consider how easy our banner is to read, as it’s at a roundabout most people will only have a very short amount of time to view it and gather information

Short and sweet – Again because of how little time potential clients have to read this banner we have to get our message across in as few words as possible

Word locations – Because people may only read a few of the words it’s important to have the most important words read first

Colours – We needed to use clear colours that match our brand style but that would also catch the eye

What we do

We want people to know what we do so they can quickly decide whether they’d need our services. Not everyone needs a website and, while I think everyone should have one, even if it’s just to show off pictures of their house plants, lots of people won’t need our services for their websites. But we want to quickly grab the attention of those who do need some help with their website or are maybe planning to expand their business online.

Our website to learn more

Just knowing that we create website’s and deal with e-commerce sites doesn’t actually tell you much. You might want to see some of our previous work to check whether we’re up to your standards or check our blog posts for spelling misteaks. Without having our website on the banner people might decide to google us which, while they would be likely to find us, there would still be other companies who could advertise on google and show up before us.

Our phone number to call

Of course our banner is there so that we can be contacted by potential clients, so having our number there helps people who just want to call and talk to us about their website. If you want to give us a call you can just click this text.

Our logo

We also needed to include our company logo, this is so when finding us online people know they’ve found the right place. Without the company logo on this website this could be a different web developer based in Newhaven talking about putting up a billboard recently.

We had a lot to convey and a very small area in which to convey it. Fortunately after agreeing on some short snippets of text our graphic designer was able to create a great looking banner.

Want us to help with printed graphics?

Our in house graphic designer is a master at what he does and has created brilliant menus, logos, and now even a roundabout banner. If you’d like us to create some beautiful graphics for you then just get in touch.

Seen something on the banner you’re interested in?

If you came here looking for website help then get in touch with us, we create websites including ecommerce sites, improve sites and ecommerce sites with custom code and functionality, and can advertise and improve SEO on your site too.

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