Designing a Logo for Eco-Friendly Food Packaging: A Creative Journey

Having a logo is one of the most important parts of a business. Being quickly identifiable helps people make a decision in what product to buy.

As well as being easily recognisable it helps if they show, in some way, what your business does. We were tasked with creating a logo for a company that creates eco friendly food packaging.

Firstly we found out as much as possible about what the company wanted, what the logo was for, where it would be displayed, any key information they wanted the logo to portray. We then came up with some mock designs for them to choose from.

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The Importance of Client Feedback in Logo Design

This step is to get an initial idea of whether we’re going in the right direction, whether there were any major misunderstandings in what the logo was meant to portray or whether the client wants a completely different idea to what we had in mind.

We’d discuss what you like and dislike about the logos, whether you want something from one or not the other, or just whether you have a completely different idea in mind. In this instance one of the designs was hugely favoured by our client to the point they wanted it with minimal changes.

After some minor tweaks and creating a higher quality image their logo was complete, it looks great with colour or in black and white so can work no matter what they’re printing it on.

Our customer was satisfied with the results and we got them the files they needed to send it to their printers.

If you need a logo designed then contact us and we can

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