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Marketing terms

These simple explanations of marketing terms will help you understand your online advertising results. If you’re struggling with your marketing and want a team who know what they’re doing to look after your campaigns then get in touch.

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Explanations of Marketing Terms

Performance Max

These ads use machine learning to target customers as they search and as they browse the web, aiming to generate leads.


These ads are shown across the web to users as they browse the internet.


These ads are shown to customers based on keywords used while searching.


These ads show products on Google including on images and maps and are generated using product data.


These ads are shown to customers as they search for your services and also on Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and on Google partner sites.


Call ads encourage people to call your business and are only shown on devices that can make calls.


This is a chosen action that someone has taken on the site after interacting with an ad.

Conversion Value

This is a value given to conversion actions on your site. Often this is used for revenue from sales.

Conversion Rate

Conversions divided by total clicks.

Cost per Conversion

The average amount spent per conversion.


How often your ad is shown.


Click Through Rate, the percentage of people who clicked on your ad.


Return On Ad Spending, the revenue received per £1 spent on advertising.


The art work or file associated with a creative object.

A/B testing

A method of improving ads by creating two versions of an ad and comparing results.

Bid Strategy

The method used to set bids in Google Ads for example Manual CPC, Target CPA, or Maximize Conversions.


Pay Per Click.


Cost Per Click.

Ad Schedule

The specific times and days of the week that ads are eligible to appear.

Audience Targeting

The practice of defining and reaching specific groups of users based on their interests, demographics, and behaviours.

Optimisation Score

A score given to the account based on Ads settings and performance.


These are words given to Google to help Google know who to show ads to.

Negative Keywords

These are words given to google to prevent being shown on search terms that wouldn’t be relevant to your business.


Advertising which targets users who have previous visited your site.

Target ROAS

Target conversion value you’d like to receive per amount spent.


Text created for ads.

Dynamic Search Ads

Ads that are automatically generated based on the content of your website.

Responsive Search Ads

Ads that automatically test different combinations of headlines and descriptions to find the best-performing combinations.

Click-Through Conversion

A conversion that occurs after a user clicks on your ad and then completes a desired action.

View-Through Conversion

A conversion that occurs when a user sees your ad (but does not click on it) and later completes a desired action.


Delivering content to a user based on their geographic location.

Device Targeting

The ability to show ads on specific devices (e.g., mobile, desktop, tablet).


Search Engine Optimisation, improving web pages chances of being seen on search engines.


Search Engine Marketing, advertising targeting people searching online.

Affinity Audiences

Groups of people with specific interests, hobbies, and habits, as defined by their online behaviour.

In-Market Audiences

Groups of people who are actively researching or planning to purchase a specific type of product or service.

Google Partners

We’re Google Partners so you can be sure we know what we’re doing. Being Google Partners means we have proven track records, as they’re a requirement of the badge, and the knowledge and experience to optimise your success.

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