Our new dashboard

Our new dashboard is available to all customers who have integrated their eBay account and their eCommerce website. If you already operate a successful eBay or eCommerce business and are interested in expanding to the other platform, we can help. Integrating eBay is a fantastic opportunity to grow an existing enterprise by accessing new sales channels. It’s equally advantageous for new businesses, providing them an instant avenue to a substantial audience.

An all in one eCommerce dashboard

Streamline your eCommerce operations effortlessly with our all-inclusive dashboard. Combine your eBay and website sales within one intuitive back-end interface. Our system acts as a bridge, seamlessly retrieving data directly from eBay and presenting it on your website’s dedicated dashboard. This unified approach ensures seamless integration of your sales channels. The dashboard becomes a control centre, allowing you to effortlessly manage your sales data from both platforms.

Your dedicated dashboard goes beyond displaying numbers – it offers an overview of your business activities. From invoices and credit notes to essential emails, all the critical elements converge in one place. This consolidated hub provides you with real-time access to valuable sales data, ensuring you’re equipped to harness the full potential of both eBay and your website. With this unified view, you’re not just streamlining operations; you’re making informed decisions backed by the synergy of comprehensive data.

Advantages of extending your sales to eBay

Simply put, it’s an easy way to sell additional products. We can sell your products on eBay with a margin to cover fees and then you can simply handle the orders as you would normally. If people find your products on eBay and then search for them and find your website then that was free advertising, if they’ve bought it from eBay itself that was a quick and easy sale. It’s a win-win!

A few other benefits gained from eBay integration are:

  • Inventory Management: Real time updates mean both website and eBay share the same inventory, preventing items overselling also allowing unique items being sold on both platforms.
  • Unified Customer Insights: Use combined data from both platforms to gain comprehensive views of customers buying behaviours.
  • Optimized Pricing Strategies: Using eBay gives you the ability to experiment with pricing and products on a platform other than your own website
  • Customer Trust: Being able to see your eBay seller rating can help give people confidence to buy from your website

  • Brand Recognition: Seeing your branding on eBay can help drive sales through the platform or may remind customers they can visit your website

  • Comparative SEO Analysis: Selling the same product on multiple platforms gives you the opportunity to try multiple keywords and see how they work against each other in real time.

Take advantage of an active marketplace

There are over 130 million eBay users worldwide. By extending your reach to eBay, you tap into a massive audience that may not have otherwise discovered your website. Attract more customers to your business quickly and effortlessly!

If you’re contemplating broadening your sales strategy to include eBay and seeking an all-inclusive solution for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than willing to discuss your online sales requirements, whether on or off eBay!

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