We’ve updated our website!

We’ve updated our website, after creating so many beautiful websites for our customers, especially our new look for Natasha Cosmetics, we’ve finally decided ours needed to be updated too.

As trends change, people start looking for different things from businesses, and the once dominant aesthetic of minimalism gradually gives way to a new era of personalized websites. We had no plans to buy user information as they’re arriving onto our domain and have some jazzy code so that each individual actually saw a different website as we thought that might be weird.

Instead, we decided to create the feel of a personal experience by reducing the amount of excess information shown. Important information about a service we provide for one customer might not be relevant to another, for example.

To try to give a personal experience to more than one person you have to decide how you’re going to divide the individuals up, what are the most important differences our clients have. We decided that it inherently lines up with one of our companies principles, we grouped them together by what they needed most from us.

We focused on the types of service customers come to us for and ensured we had an amazing landing page for each one. Our home page is general information about what we do and we had a portfolio of work we’d carried out so people can judge our work themselves.


  • Discovery – We started this web build the same way we would any other. we found out what the client wanted. The only difference is we were the clients. So we answered the questions we are so used to asking and found it odd being on the other side.

  • Wireframe – We created a quick wireframe and agree it’s going in the right direction, this helps us ensure the website we’re trying to make is possible using the assets we have

  • Design – We start on design, using the information we’ve gathered in discovery to create a beautiful looking website using lorem ipsum and stock images.

  • Development – We check that the website is working including contact forms, links, etc. It’s much better to get this out of the way now in case there are any problems that require changes. It’s much easier to copy content onto a developed website.

  • Content – We rewrote content for our whole website, it took a long time but it’s great to do every once in a while as search trends change. We wrote the content in house which helps give a feel for our company. The imagery was all done in house as well, editing stock images.

  • Testing – We thoroughly tested the website, including links and contact forms. This always needs to be done as themes often have working links that link back to their own website and contact forms and other parts of the website can sometimes need minor adjustments to work properly.


We don’t often get a chance to go into all of the different features you can have on your website and unfortunately ours isn’t going to be a great example as we kept ours somewhat simple.

To create the website we used the same CMS and theme builder as we do for most of our clients, it allows a huge amount of customisability and is relatively quick to set up.

Like most people we don’t need a lot of bells and whistles on our website. We don’t receive enough messages to warrant a chat bot, especially as we often have to give quite bespoke help that a chat bot would not be able to understand. We don’t have a menu to display or songs to promote.

There are loads of ways you can make your website personal to your business! We could implement all sorts, add amazing recipe cards or even a pet adoption plugin but for our website we didn’t need any of that. Simply giving you the information you need to decide whether or not you want to give us a call and let us help you achieve the website of your dreams!

As well as plugins our website has all the regular features you would expect, security, sliders, contact forms, and much more. Everything you’d want from a fully functioning website.


We’re big fans of our new website, we feel it encapsulates our company well while displaying all necessary information in a pleasant manner. Replacing it from scratch meant we could go over our plugins and code from the ground up, it took longer than simply updating but means the website is relying on fewer additional pieces of code, letting it run a lot more smoothly.

If you’re looking to get a website and would like a quote then get in touch! We’d be happy to set you up with a beautiful website like ours.

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