Master of Bumpers

For this eCommerce website we decided that there should be a clear colour palate. The owner of the websites favourite colour was green so we went with green and white to give it a crisp and clean look.

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The Problem

Master of Bumpers was already a well recognised eBay store making multiple sales per day, this isn’t usually too much of a problem for ecommerce as there’s often lots of stock. The challenge we faced with Master of Bumpers is that each item was unique, meaning if something was sold on eBay or through his new website, the other needed to be alerted ASAP to avoid selling the same item to multiple people

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Google Merchant
The Problem The Problem
The Solution The Solution

The Solution

With Openbay we were able to link the new website with the already running eBay shop. We also managed their google merchant centre so all items were added and will continue to be updated on googles own selling platform. We always make sure to optimise everything we can, fortunately google is good at telling us we’re doing a good job.

Instant updates
E-commerce development
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Some Of The Features Used For This Website

Ongoing care

Due to the lower cost per sale on his own website rather than through eBay, the owner of Master of Bumpers wanted to advertise his website and make the most out of not paying per sale. We were able to arrange advertising as well as SEO, his sales have been increasing through his website steadily since it was first released.

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