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Natasha Cosmetics is an eCommerce and brick and mortar store specialising is cosmetics. Because of this, we wanted to keep the page brightly coloured and allow the products to do the talking, we made sure the search bar is large and easy to find and that the product categories are one of the first things you see.

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Old design

Natasha Cosmetics wanted a fresh new look with some improvements, we were able to go through their list of updates and implement them all, making sure Natasha had a website she could be proud of. As well as a fresh new look we were able to add a new product section, bestsellers. It shows the items that’ve sold best in the past month, meaning that it’ll always be changing and offer a great opportunity to make extra sales. We also implemented a “people also bought” which will recommend items that are frequently bought together, again this is based on peoples previous purchases so will be changing with the times. As well as all the updates that are visible, we’ve also increased the page load speed by implementing file compression. This increases not only the chance of people staying on your website but also your page ranking on search engines.

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Old design
The Problem The Problem

The Problem

Natasha sells her products in store, online through her website, and on Amazon, this made for a logistical battle to keep everything up to date so the products available hadn’t already been bought online. She also wanted a complete redesign of her website with plenty of key features

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New design

With new metrics from her website we found that certain links were preferred over others and Natasha Cosmetics decided to highlight those so that they'd get more throughput. Our graphic designer made beautiful banners so customers could easily access exactly what they're looking for.

Beautiful design
New design
The Solution The Solution

The Solution

Before Natasha Cosmetics sold on Amazon it sold on it’s own website and in store. The solution to this was some bespoke code which synchronised her in shop systems with her website, allowing items to be removed from the website if they were bought in store. If an item was bought on the website the shop was alerted and would remove one from the shelves. More code was needed to integrate with Amazon so purchases there were seen by the other two, this was all set up to require minimal effort from the shops side and so that as much of the system could be automated as possible.

store synchronization

Some of the features used on this website

Ongoing care

We currently manage Natasha Cosmetics SEO, advertising, website, and even help with product uploads, including graphic design, descriptions, and meta data. We're helping them add products to Facebook, eBay, and Amazon. As with all websites that we host ongoing care also includes any updates to all hosting systems.

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