What are conversions

Customers taking actions on your site can be measured as conversions. You get to decide which actions count as conversions. The action will depend on your business but could be a sale, a sign up, a download, or many other things. There really are no limits to what a conversion can be but finding the right conversion for your company is vital. Someone simply visiting your site would count as a conversion if you have that set up. If you were to give web visits same weight as a purchase then advertising platforms will think a website visit and a purchase are equally valuable to you.

How do I know which conversions are right for me?

A conversion has to be something that we can measure on your site like a link click, page visit, or someone filling out a form. It should be a goal of your business or help lead towards a goal of your business. It can be something like making sales or signing new customers but if your website doesn’t offer anything like that it can be people who call or click on directions. When setting up advertising for you we can discuss what the best option for conversions will be for your business.

How we track conversions.

Whenever we’re dealing with e-commerce we use Google Tag Manager as well as changes to the websites code to ensure the correct information is passed to Google when tracking conversions. Google tag manager uses a piece of code on every page of the website. The code tracks what a user is doing on the site. Google Tag Manager can also pull data from the data layer for more accurate advertising reporting.

Automatic conversions value

While we can keep some conversions as a set value, others we can automate. When there’s a purchase, for example, we could use the value of the purchase as the value of the conversion. This helps us find out which advertising campaigns are giving the best returns on spending.

Measure ad performance

By getting a better measure of your ads performance you’re able to better optimise and ensure your ads are getting you the returns you want. With better returns figures you can get a more accurate ROI or ROAS. This information is vital to find out which campaigns are worth investing more money into.

Choose us for ads

It can be hard to tell what to do or how to get set up with advertising. If you need any help then get in touch with us and we’d be happy to set up your advertising and conversion tracking and manage it for you.

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