Websites on the Apple Vision

We’ve been asked this question a few times so thought we’d explain why, although your website will be seen in a different way on a new device, it will still look and function like it should.

What is apple vision pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a headset which lets you see a display overlaid on your regular vision, like a mini map in a video game. The user has control over what’s displayed, where, and how much of the display it takes up and can decide whether something is displayed relative to themselves or to a fixed place on the ground.

The device is powered by a small portable battery pack so can be used without being plugged in, allowing it to be used anywhere.

How are websites displayed on the device?

The Apple Vision Pro uses Apples Safari browser to display websites. This is the same browser as is used in other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. The device will show a mobile or desktop site depending on the size of the window the web page is being displayed on. Fortunately, all our sites are responsive so already look great!

Will people be using it to just browse websites?

Not just browse websites, but the device lets you do multiple tasks at a time lots of users are seen with websites up. The device will be used in a variety of ways by each user, some may use it to watch giant screens without requiring the space and others may use it only as a gaming device, but it still seems common to keep cooking guides or menu’s up in kitchens, contact pages for plumbers in the bathroom, and even websites like ours just so they have our contact info to hand.

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Will I need a new website just for the Apple Vision Pro?

Most likely, no. Because the Apple Vision Pro uses the Safari browser your website should run absolutely fine on the Apple Vision Pro. At NaNet we’d be happy to make you an amazing website that will work and look great on every device.

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