We worked very closely with the owner of this website to create something they wanted, including their colour scheme and layout. We received these as images and we were able to replicate what they wanted. On each motorhomes page is a video which was created by our partner, Bip at for Camperfun. We pride ourselves on our relationship with skilled people who can make your website look amazing.


The Problem

The owner of Camperfun wanted a more streamlined pick up and drop off process. It needed to manage images of the motorhomes and the customers information including driving licence and the rental agreement. It also needed to offer a way of signing and to be easily shareable with the customer.

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The Solution

To accomplish this, we created a web application. From this Camperfun could open a rental and take images of the motorhome, these images could be shared with the customer using a very secure URL to allow the customer to look over them and confirm the condition of the vehicle. The driving license and other information was given at the time of booking, because of this the customer simply has to sign the agreement which can be done using Camperfuns new web app. Camperfun are able to do a quick check of the condition while sending the customer a link to review their rental. This is all managed on their own devices.

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We're always around to help with Camperfun and since creating the website have made numerous requested coding additions.

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